How do I take it?

Our Marine Collagen is a very fine powder that will dissolve into almost anything. It can be taken in a glass of water but, as it does have a mild flavour, we recommend adding it to lemon water or your morning coffee. It can also be added to smoothies and juices or in any foods such as baked goods, soups and stews.

Because collagen is a binding protein it can clump if not stirred right away however it will eventually dissolve. For best results, we recommend stirring quickly when first added to any food or drink. The longer you let it sit, the more it will dissolve and become almost undetectable.


How long until I see results?

Results vary for each individual and have different effects depending on your skin type and also lifestyle factors.

Most people report noticeable results in their skin after just two weeks of taking our Marine Collagen daily. These results include increased hydration in the skin giving it a plump, smooth appearance, fewer blemishes and a reduction in dry flaky skin. Many also report better digestion, better tolerance to certain foods and improved sleep. Optimum results in hair, skin, nails and joints will be seen and felt within 1-3 months of taking our Marine Collagen Replenish Blend daily.

The average skin turnover is around 30 to 40 days so this is a good time frame to keep in mind when noticing a difference in your skin.


How can I optimise my results?

Marine collagen has been proven to increase skin hydration and reduce dry skin by increasing your bodies ability to retain water in the surface of the skin. Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water will speed up your results giving your skin a plump, hydrated glow. If you are taking collagen to help with digestion and its gut healing properties, we recommend taking it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. This can be in a glass of water either on its own or with lemon juice to help increase detoxification. 


How much should I take?

We recommend taking 5g daily which is approximately two teaspoons or one small tablespoon. To optimise your results or if you are preparing for a special day such as a wedding, you can take up to 5g twice a day for a month leading up to your event.


How long will one bag last?

Our bags contain 150grams of our Marine Collagen Replenish Blend. Taking 5g daily will average out to 30 servings. One bag will last you approximately one month.


What does it taste like?

Our Marine Collagen Replenish Blend is a very high-quality collagen giving it a mild smell and taste. Many people are able to have it in a glass of water with fresh lemon, however, if you do have sensitive taste buds, we recommend having it in a smoothie, juice or in food such as soup.


Is it heat sensitive?

Our Marine Collagen Replenish Blend is stable at any temperature so it can be added into anything, hot or cold.


How long can I expect for shipping?

Shipping can take up to 10 working days Australia wide.


Is it safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women?

Although there have been no recorded adverse effects when taking Marine Collagen while pregnant or breastfeeding, we always recommend that you speak to your doctor or healthcare professional before use.


At what age should I start taking collagen?

There are many factors that can determine what age we start seeing the signs of ageing. This includes genetics, lifestyle factors such as diet, sun exposure, alcohol consumption and exercise.

Studies have shown that collagen levels can begin depleting from as young as the age of 20. Our Marine collagen replenish blend is not only useful for stimulating fibroblasts and activating natural collagen production, but also helping to prevent further breakdown of collagen cells. Therefore taking Puresque daily can aid as a preventative for anyone starting to see the first signs of ageing.